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The Stream Club is a free membership aviation club for students to join. The Stream Club compiles a monthly newsletter, with fun and interesting information relating to Aviation and Aerospace. We hope that the contents of the newsletter will interest the students in specific topics, which they can then do more research on at home. Our Stream Club facilitators are always available to answer any questions the students may have.

The Stream Club also hosts various events at our Stream Lab facilities, at the Cape Academy for Maths Science and Technology in Constantia Cape Town. We have to date hosted informative Career Days, covering aviation careers like Pilot training, Air Traffic Controlling, Cabin Crew and Meteorologist. We hope these events will give the students some insight into a specific career or allow them to consider a new career in aviation.

Our Stream Club outings to aviation museums and places of aviation interest, aim to give the students exposure to aircraft and the personal that fly these aircraft. We encourage parents to join in on these outings and make it a fun day for the family.

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