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Our Programmes

Sakhikamva’s Programmes have been designed to stimulate development and innovation with youth in order to have a steady supply of talent into the aerospace pipeline. In order to distinguish the impact of the development and service Sakhikamva delivers to the communities.


Wings2 Fly Campaign

In partnership with Airlink, learners get the opportunity to observe pilots in the flight deck. Grade 10-11 learners enter the campaign and the top 6 candidates are selected. The Wings2 Fly campaign has running since 2010 with more than 20 participants some of whom are now successful cadet pilots.

Robotics Development programme

With a choice of two robotics workshops, hosted in partnership with AppShed. Participants (grade 5-9) can explore the technology and app building behind robots. The project is peer mentored by the First Robotics Team of Pascack Hills High School in the USA. The 2017 theme is road safety. Participants have to programme their robots to maneuver through a town obeying road safety rules.  

Paper Jet Challenge

Participants compete in team of three in the following categories: Time in the air, distance and design category. The attempt at the world record is getting there slowly with learners grade 5-9 competing and the current record is at 36m and time in the air is 12 seconds.

Africa Code week

We introduce coding to 2000 learners across South Africa encouraging them that Mathematics can be fun.

The Sky’s the Limit

An opportunity for 36 young South Africans to experience flight for the first time. The day is packed with related aviation activities at Morningstar.

National Science week

Showcasing activities during NSW encompassing our Paper Jet Competitions, Science Quizzes and open days at our STREAM laboratory.

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